Hunt aliens from the comfort of your own home with SETI@home
Hunt aliens from the comfort of your own home with SETI@home

The hunt for other planets in the universe is going full steam ahead with thousands of planets having being found in orbit around distant suns. Telescopes and technology are progressing at a breakneck pace allowing us to probe the light from these distant worlds for traces of gases that might signify life. Probes in our own solar system are busy looking for the signs and signatures of life.  

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Genesis – Is life really common?

Did life start in a warm little pond just as Darwin thought?

Scientists have made some tremendous advances in recent years. Biologists are discovering that life is not as delicate as we once thought. No matter where on Earth we look, we seem to encounter life. Hardy bacteria that can thrive in the harshest of conditions. From the extreme heat of thermal springs and deep sea hydrothermal vents to the harsh conditions found in nuclear reactors, bacteria and other microbes find a way to prosper. We have exposed bacteria to the harshness of space on the outside of the international space station, only to discover later that the bacteria hadn’t been killed off, but had survived the exposure and were able to grow again upon return to normal conditions.

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Are you getting your 10-A-Day

Are you getting your 10-A-Day

We all are aware of the guidelines that we all need to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day for optimal health, but with the publication of some recent research, it appears that five a day may not be sufficient.

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Other worlds

Pluto, once a planet, a dwarf planet since 2006
Pluto, once a planet, a dwarf planet since 2006

When I was in secondary school, the first few pages of my geography book proclaimed our place in the universe. Earth was the third planet from the sun. One of nine planets in orbit around it. That was it, nine planets. Sure, there was a lot of talk about planets around other stars and Star Trek’s starship Enterprise would pay a visit to some of them every week. But in the real world we knew of nine.

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Cassini mission winds down

An Iconic Saturn image from the Cassini mission
Saturn, Lord of the rings. An iconic Saturn image from the Cassini mission

Launched in 1997, the Cassini mission to Saturn sent it’s final images back to earth last week before plunging into the planet in a planned manoeuvre. It spent 13 years in orbit around the ringed planet, carried out some spectacular science and beamed some great images back to earth.

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