Zapping the pounds away

If all else fails, simply zap the fat away with a Modius headset
If all else fails, simply zap the fat away with a Modius headset.

Being on the large side, means I always take a keen interest in the latest diet fads and technologies to see if there is an easy way to shed some of the excess pounds. Of course, I could simply eat less and move more but that sounds very dull and not at all interesting, so I have been quite successful at ignoring that option and waiting for the ultimate diet to come along.

To be fair, I haven’t gone neolithic or paleo or started wolfing down sausages and steaks a la Atkins, nor tried the ever so easy 5:2 diet, so you can imagine my delight when I came across two interesting reports that seem to be the answer to all my problems.

One piece of research explains that all the diet drinks I’ve been necking for the past number of years have been playing havoc with my metabolism. When I down a diet drink my body is getting a sweet hit and is expecting a shed load of calories to follow. When they don’t arrive, my brain can’t cope and goes off in search of the missing calories. So the answer seems pretty straightforward. Ditch the diet drinks and wait for the pounds to fall off. Sorted.

And if that doesn’t work, I can simply buy the new Modius headset. Simply place on the head, turn it on and send zappy signals into my brain telling me that I’m not hungry. Use daily for a few months and wait for the fat to melt away.

If success is still elusive, not to worry, there will be a few more options along in the coming weeks. It would be a fright to have to resort to eating less and moving more.