Psychedelics for psychotherapy?

Magic mushrooms, are they the next Prosac
Magic mushrooms, are they the next Prosac?

Turn on, tune in, drop out. The rallying cry of the counterculture and hippie movement of the late 60s and early 70s, when LSD and other psychedelic drugs were perceived as being a shortcut to spiritual Nirvana and an essential tool in opening minds to new experiences.  Research on the effects of psychedelics was in vogue, and for a time it was hoped that they would offer a panacea for many ills. Too many bad trips and the decline of the hippie culture saw the research quietly shelved and forgotten about. However, that is gradually changing and there seems to be a renewed interest in the medicinal effects of these drugs.

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Vaccinations for a healthy society

Vaccinations are necessary to prevent and eliminate disease like we did with smallpox
Vaccinations are necessary to prevent and eliminate disease like we did with smallpox

A recent news story reported that a mother in the UK was ordered by the high court to vaccinate her two children. The mother had objected on the grounds that she was vegan and had been raising her children as such and that the vaccine was introducing pollutants into their bodies. The children’s father appealed to the court to force the mother to agree to vaccinate the children and thankfully in this instance the court agreed.

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An introduction to synthetic biology

Ginkgo Bioworks' state-of-the-art synthetic biology lab
Ginkgo Bioworks’ state-of-the-art synthetic biology lab

DNA is the life code, the blueprint if you like, for designing living organisms. Just like in construction, changing the blueprint will result in a different end product. Biotechnology has traditionally used the same technique, tweaking the blueprint.

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